Certification Oven 395Flex

The Model CO395Flex™ Certification Oven  is a stand alone version of the permeation tube oven used in the KIN-TEK 491Flex™, Modular Gas Standards Generating System.
Typically a gas standards generator such as the FlexStream™ or 491Flex is used routinely, or intermittently for creating several different applications. But permeation tubes require several hours for the emission rate to stabilize after a temperature change. The CO395 is a compact, economical unit designed to maintain permeation tubes in a constantly equilibrated state, ready for immediate use in each application. This feature is especially useful for standards laboratories where the weight loss rate of the tube(s) is continually monitored to insure accuracy, or when permeation tubes are unexpectedly needed to trouble shoot an analyzer. It also saves hours of calibration time by providing pre-heated tubes ready for immediate use.

The CO395Flex™ features open frame construction for easy access to the permeation tube. An on board constant- differential-pressure flow controller insures constant flow over the permeation tube. Temperature can be controlled at any value from approximately 30°C (at least 5°C above ambient temperature) to 150°C. Temperature settings are NIST traceable to ±0.1°C to insure minimum upset when changing applications

Technical Information
Dimensions: 9” wide X 5 1/4” deep X 8” high

Weight: Approx. 5 1/2 lb.
Power: 115 V, 1 A peak (230V optional)
Temperature Range:  Typically 30° (5°C above ambient) to 150°C; digitally set in 0.1°C increments. (no temperature indication)
Flow: Typically 100 cc/min. Adjustable from 20 cc/min. to 200 cc/min. (no flow indication)
Tube Capacity: Accepts disposable permeation tubes, KIN-TEK refillable tubes, and diffusion tubes. Holds up to 8 disposable tubes, one refillable tube, or 1-2 diffusion tubes.