We have the following pressure gauge types in stock;

Capsule gauge 63 mmØ, KP type D401 & D411, # 350xx401 and 350xx411. Pressure ranges -1000/0 mbar to 0/1000 mbar.

Bourdon gauge 63, 100, 160 mmØ, RF type D201, D302, D401, D402, D701, D702, D801, D802 and D902, pressure ranges -1/0 bar to 0/1600 bar.


Housing: Stainless Steel, Bayonet Type Bezel (repairable) and Crimped Type Bezel.

Measuring Element: Stainless Steel or Alloy.

Connection: Bottom, Stainless Steel or Brass, 1/4” NPT for 63 mmØ & 1/2“ NPT for 100 mmØ  & 160 mmØ.

Window: Safety Glass or Plastic.

Dial: Dual scale (Bar outer scale is black and PSI inner scale is red).


GLY = Glycerine filled.

CH is good for chemical processes.

CHGLY = Chemical with Glycerine filled.