GA-60 portable gas analyzer

GA-60 portable gas analyzer

The largest of madur’s analysers equipped with electrochemical cells.
It can fit even up to 7 EC cells and up to 3 NDIR sensors.
GA-60 has a large (320x240), graphical LCD with backlighting. Datalogger with SD card for storing results and built-in ribbon printer for standard (non-thermal) paper.

Analyser is offered in two versions:

A. In basic configuration analyser is not equipped with the gas dryer and works with the probe holder + gas probe pipe. It can be paired with PGD-100 gas dryer with heated hose.
B. Analyser equipped with a built-in NAFION® type gas dryer and heated hose - configuration especially recommended for measurement of gases highly reactive with water or disturbed by its presence (SO2, HCl, NO2, Cl2).