In Situ Flow Verifiers

HA-MFV, High Accuracy Mass Flow Verifier

Enables "Wafer-to-Wafer" "Chamber-to-Chamber" & "Tool-to-Tool" Matching

HA-MFV, High Accuracy Mass Flow Verifier is designed for use on process tools to verify mass flow control flow rates in-situ. With measurement accuracy of 1.0% of reading, the HA-MFV can verify MFC flow with the actual process gas significantly better than older rate-of-rise devices or process chamber rate-of rise methods.

Features & Benefits:

  • 1.0% or better measurement accuracy for wafer-to-wafer, chamber-to-chamber, & tool-to-tool process matching
  • Supports multiple gas panels to reduce implementation costs
  • 5 to 3000 sccm measurement range for a wide variety of processes
  • In-situ assessment of MFC flow rate improves process control and avoids unneeded down-time