946 Vacuum System Controller

946 Vacuum System Controller

Power & readout for up to 6 different vacuum gauges and/or mass flow controllers with pressure control options

The MKS 946 is a versatile half-rack vacuum gauge measurement and control system. It provides power and simultaneous readout for up to six different vacuum gauges and/or mass flow controllers, with options for controlling pressure.

This highly flexible vacuum system controller supports a wide range of sensor technologies, including Baratron® capacitance manometers, cold cathode, hot cathode, standard Pirani and convection Pirani sensors for a measurement range from ultra-high vacuum to above atmospheric pressure. In addition, the Series 946 Controller will also monitor and control MKS I, G, or P-Series and legacy mass flow controllers as well as MKS pressure control valves.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simultaneous control and readout for up to six vacuum gauges and/or six mass flow controllers
  • Pressure readings from 10,000 Torr down to 10-11 Torr, eliminating the need for individual electronics for each sensor
  • Closed-loop pressure control option for use with MKS valves eliminates the need for separate pressure control electronics
  • RS232/485 computer control standard in all configurations for ease of system integration
  • Flow ratio control using multiple mass flow controllers
  • Intelligent communication between gauges enables a reference sensor to span or zero another gauge allowing accurate, continuous measurement over wide pressure ranges
  • 12 set point relays included in the base unit for system control flexibility