The SM®425 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer 

    The SM®425 is ideally suited for both compliance monitoring of diluent gas (Environmental Compliance) and Oxygen monitoring for combustion and process control applications. The SM®425 offers state of the art oxygen analysis and a rugged industrial design.


    The in situ operation of the probe not only assures a rapid response to changing flue conditions, it also assures the integrity of the sample. The no compromise design fosters operator acceptance of the analytical results through the reliability of the data. The reliability of the design extends from the high quality digital components to the field-replaceable zirconium detector cell. Using modern production techniques, the zirconium oxide cell shows excellent stability over long periods and repeatable performance from cell to cell. The stability and reproducible characteristics of the cell allow it to be replaced in the field without extensive recalibration and linearization procedures.

    The SM®425 Oxygen Analyzer can be used in most combustion and compliance monitoring applications. The instrument’s high accuracy and rapid response make it especially well suited as a primary sensor in combustion trim applications. With the configuration options available, virtually any combustion monitoring application can be addressed.  


• The SM®425 converter incorporates a LCD touch-screen for ease of operation.

• The built-in heater assembly of the probe can be replaced on site, reducing maintenance costs.

• The probe uses a long-life, high-reliability Zirconia sensor.

• "Wet Basis" measurement is compatible with In Situ or dilution type Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems.