LaserHawk® 360P

LaserHawk® 360P 

The 360P is a solid-state laser- based particulate monitor specifically designed for particulate applications.

     The 360P, like the LaserHawk™ 360, is a well-proven, reliable and accurate particulate monitor for measuring dust load concentrations. However, the 360P has a specifically designed detection system for measuring high dust load concentrations (0-10g/m3) typically seen before "pre" air pollution control equipment (APC), but yet is sensitive enough for measuring the low dust concentrations found in "post" APC applications (0-20mg/m3). This enables customers to easily measure precipitator or baghouse efficiencies, validate warranties and control energy management to help save vital energy costs. This is a non-compliance monitor ideal for process applications. Attractive pricing ensures a quick return on investment.

How the LaserHawk™ Works
     The heart of the LaserHawk™ is an electronically modulated, intensity controlled solid-state red laser located in the Optical Head Assembly. A beam from the laser is projected from the Optical Head into the stack and is scattered in all directions by the particulate matter. Light scattered in the backwards direction is collected by the optics for evaluation by a signal detector. The measured signal is correlated to dust concentration (using one of several optional operator selected mathematical correlation curves). Outputs in mg/m3 or a simple 4-20ma signal are available. Zero and upscale calibration is easily done using an external calibration kit. If high accuracy is desired, the 360P can be correlated to a gravimetric reference method such as USEPA 40CFR60 Appendix A Method 17 or Method 5. If a set-point indication is sufficient, a factory pre-calibrated correlation is possible.

     Two 4-20ma analog outputs signals come standard with the product, along with 2 dry status contacts for fault indication. An optional 10/100 Based T Ethernet interface module is available that provides Modbus TCP and browser based interfaces enabling easy communication and control either directly or over a plant LAN.

Rugged Construction

     The Optical Head is a NEMA 4 heavy gauge aluminum casting which houses all the active electronics necessary for accurate measurement of dust concentration. The casting is finished with acid-resistant enamel paint and all exposed hardware is stainless steel. The head is hinged for easy removal from the stack or attachment of the external calibration kit. The rugged design is built to withstand the typical hostile environments associated with outdoor industrial applications including those with substantial shock and vibration.

Optical Head Keyboard Display
The Optical Head is equipped with a 10 button keypad and 6 digit readout to display and/or enter:

  • Instantaneous particulate concentration
  • Average particulate concentration
  • Status codes and other diagnostics
  • Correlation curve coefficients
  • Optical gains
  • Configure I/O
  • Identify Alarms
  • Many other operational variables

Calibration Kit
     The external calibration kit, standard with the LaserHawk™ 360P, is used as a check of the unit's operation and calibration. The external calibration fixture attaches to the front face of the optical head and various audit standards (attenuators) can be inserted to challenge the instrument over the dynamic particulate concentration range that is established during on-site reference method calibrations. A zero (particulate free) condition can also be checked.

Ideal For Retrofit Applications
     The LaserHawk™ 360P is a compact design that can be installed on ducts or stacks using a single 4-in. mounting port. There is virtually no alignment necessary since there is no reflector assembly. Adapters are available to match any 3-6 in. existing mounting flange. A 42CFM purge blower is included.