Series 9060 Zirconium Oxide Flue Gas Analyzers


     The Model 9060Z Zirconium Oxide Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer provides reliable oxygen monitoring by combining proven zirconium oxide sensor technology with a microprocessor based controller.

     Optimizing combustion efficiency and minimizing exhaust emissions are vital for proper operation of fuel-burning industrial processes.

     The 9060Z provides in-situ analysis capability, accepting signals from up to two zirconium probes in furnaces, kilns, and boilers with sample temperatures ranging from ambient to 1400C.

Applications include: Gas, oil, pulverized coal and black liquor boilers; Cement, lime and ceramic kilns; Refinery process heaters and furnaces Blast furnace ovens; Soaking pit and heat treating furnaces; Thermal cracking furnaces; Catalyst regeneration; Asphalt processes; Utility boilers; UOP Process

     The low cost 9060L offers fieldconfigurable ranges between 1% and 25% oxygen and has AutoRanging capability and 0-25% oxygen calibration.

     An optional full scale range is available up to 100%. Two programmable failsafe concentration alarms (one high and one low setpoint) provide the versatility to satisfy nearly any requirement.

     Membrane command switches and a large, 4-digit LED display make setup and operation clear and quick.

- Low cost
- Designed for inside installation (but can be modified for outdoor installation)
- 4-20 mADC output
- Alarm relays
- Explosion proof configuration available

Probe Lengths
     Probes can be purchased in varying lengths and explosion proof types are available.