6600 Series

Model 6600 Oil-in-Water Analyzer System

     Teledyne's Model 660/661 was the industry standard in oil-in-water analysis for 30 years. The microprocessor based 6600 / 6610 improves upon our proven analog circuitry and the sample handling system. The new, compact modern design incorporates many new features at a significantly reduced cost. Critical features include:

  • Folded optical system optimized for excellent signal-to-noise ratio and stability
  • Increased reliability by eliminating many moving parts
  • New sonicator homogenizes oil (in-line) in water instantly (less than one second)
  • Improved auto-zero filter system prepares zero fluid for calibration and zeroing without long sparging cycle
  • Specially developed software with auto calibration features
  • Automatic self-cleaning sample cell suitable for high pressure and temperature
  • Manual calibrations done easily with collected zero fluid from sample system using the gravity fed reservoir
  • Manual or automatic span sensitivity easily checked with internal span flag once field calibrated
  • Faster response time
  • Modular design configured to meet specific application requirements

Disclaimer: The use of oxygen sensors other than those manufactured by Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) in this product may cause damage and/or degrade product performance. TAI does not stand behind the performance of this product when used with an unauthorized after-market oxygen sensor. In the case of a certified TAI Oxygen Monitor or Analyzer for use in medical (i.e. FDA) as well as in hazardous area applications (i.e. FM, CSA, and ATEX), the use of sensors other than those manufactured by TAI will absolutely void third party certification of the product.