Series 7300

Series 7300 NDIR Gas Analyzers

     Teledyne's Series 7300 of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analyzers features fast response, high accuracy, sensitivity, stability and excellent linearity. Features include:

  • Three programmable ranges with auto-ranging capabilities
  • Auto-calibration software
  • 4-20 mADC isolated and 0-1 vDC outputs
  • RS-232C bi-directional serial interface
  • Dual concentration alarms and system failure alarm
  • Self-diagnostic check of system electronics

     Available configurations:

  • 7300A - flush panel or rack mount
  • 7300B - NEMA 4 wall mount (suitable for Div 2 or Eex(p) purge)
  • 7320 - Fully explosion proof design (Class I, Division 1, Group B)

Applications include: 
     Chemical and petrochemical; combustion and flue gas processes; pulp and paper; vapor recovery systems; enhanced oil recovery; food, agriculture, and medical; metals, ceramics, and heat treating atmospheres; Landfill gas power stations; emissions testing; Carbon dioxide scrubber efficiency; CO / CO2 / C2H4 monitoring in oxyhydrochlorination process in EDC manufacturing.

Disclaimer: The use of oxygen sensors other than those manufactured by Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) in this product may cause damage and/or degrade product performance. TAI does not stand behind the performance of this product when used with an unauthorized after-market oxygen sensor. In the case of a certified TAI Oxygen Monitor or Analyzer for use in medical (i.e. FDA) as well as in hazardous area applications (i.e. FM, CSA, and ATEX), the use of sensors other than those manufactured by TAI will absolutely void third party certification of the product.