Series 7500Z / 7600Z

Series 7500Z / 7600Z Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Multi-Gas Analyzers


     Teledyne’s 7500Z and 7600Z Series Infrared (IR) Analyzers are capable of detecting up to four chosen, individual IR absorbing components (i.e. CO, CO2, CH4, SO2, NO or NOX with external converter) on a continuous basis. Conveniently packaged in either a 19” rack mount (Model 7500ZA / 7600ZA) or NEMA-4 wall mount enclosure (Model 7500ZB / 7600ZB), the analyzer can also be supplied with an oxygen sensor, providing the operator with a space saving, five in one, cost-effective design. The NEMA-4 enclosure can be purged to meet Class I Div 1 (Zone 1) or Class I Div 2 (Zone 2) hazardous area installation requirements.

     A high-sensitivity mass flow type twin detector is utilized for infrared measurements. By using a single beam single path design in conjunction with a serial dual-layer transmission detector, the Series 7500Z delivers long term, drift-free performance. The Series 7600Z achieves greater performance through an internal sample-switching system which serves to cancel zero drift.

     The oxygen concentration in the sample gas can be detected by either a built-in paramagnetic sensor or electrochemical sensor.

     The concentration of the desired gases is displayed on a large, easy-to-read back-lit LCD. The user interface is very intuitive and the menu / mode selection buttons, which are readily accessible, provide the operator with dynamic control and extensive diagnostic capabilities.