4060 Series

Series 4060 Gas Chromatographs


     The 4060 Series of Gas Chromatograph (GC) analyzers combine Teledyne's field proven detector technologies with gas chromatography column separation capability. This enables reliable and repeatable of a single or multiple compounds in a stream containing interfering components. 

     Flame-ionization detector (FID) or thermal conductivity detector (TCD) options enable part-per-billion (ppb), part-per-million (ppm) or percent levels of detection depending on application. The analyzer includes an integral temperature-controlled sample system of 316SS and Teflon construction to provide a suitable sample to the detector. Contact TAI for other available materials. 


  • Field-proven microprocessor-based electronics with menu-driven functionality
  • Easy-to-view 5-digit LED display for readings
  • 2 x 20 vacuum fluorescent display for menu options, settings and status
  • 0-1 VDC and 4-20mA (isolated) analog outputs and gas identification outputs
  • RS-232 duplex digital output
  • Two fully-configurable concentration alarms and one system alarm, all with Form-C relay contacts
  • Built-in diagnostic capability
  • Auto-calibration and remote-calibration ready (integral valves available)

Common Detectable Gases

  Carbon Dioxide - (measurement achieved with methanizer)
  Carbon Monoxide - (measurement achieved with methanizer)
  Ethyl Benzene

  Argon (purity and impurity levels)
  Carbon Dioxide
  Carbon Monoxide
  Hydrogen Sulfide
  Nitrogen (purity and impurity levels)


  • Ambient benzene, BTEX detection
  • Beverage-grade carbon dioxide: detection of ppb benzene, acetaldehyde, methanol and VCM in beverage-grade carbon dioxide to ISBT specification
  • Methane / non-methane hydrocarbon monitoring
  • Nitrogen or Argon purity
  • C1-C4 levels in natural gas or syngas production
  • LNG impurity detection
  • MTBE monitoring in gasoline
  • Hydrogen detection in a mixed fuel gas