Model 6200T / 6200E Total Sulfur Analyzer

     The need to continuously detect for sulfides in carbon dioxide has become increasingly important within the food and beverage market. Gas suppliers must ensure that the CO2 they provide for use in the preservation of food and drink related products meet today's exacting standards.

     The contamination of carbon dioxide can emanate from many sources and therefore it is essential that CO2 used for such purposes be monitored at the CO2 generation facility, at the beverage production facility, or both.

    The 6200T combines the proven UV fluorescence principle with state of the art microprocessor technology to provide accurate and dependable measurement of trace levels of total sulfur. Long term stability is obtained by the use of an optical shutter to compensate for zero drift, coupled with lamp reference detector to correct for lamp drift. The multi-tasking microprocessor allows easy field ranging from 50 ppb to 20 ppm as well as providing on-line indication of instrument status. The 6200 Series continuously checks operating parameters and provides alarms on out of- specification conditions, including electrical and optical parameters.

     The T-series utilizes a capacitive, color touch-screen with menu-driven functionality and large interface for ease of use. The upgraded electronics also offer a variety of electrical I/O including Ethernet, USB ports, 4 configurable analog outputs, two RS-232 channels and several digital inputs and outputs, with additional I/O optionally available. Data acquisition capability is included as standard.