Series 4060 Gas Chromatographs

     The 4060 Series of Gas Chromatograph (GC) analyzers combine Teledyne's field proven detector technologies with gas chromatography column separation capability. This enables reliable and repeatable of a single or multiple compounds in a stream containing interfering components. 

     Flame-ionization detector (FID) or thermal conductivity detector (TCD) options enable part-per-billion (ppb), part-per-million (ppm) or percent levels of detection depending on application. The analyzer includes an integral temperature-controlled sample system of 316SS and Teflon construction to provide a suitable sample to the detector. Contact TAI for other available materials. 


  • Field-proven microprocessor-based electronics with menu-driven functionality
  • Easy-to-view 5-digit LED display for readings
  • 2 x 20 vacuum fluorescent display for menu options, settings and status
  • 0-1 VDC and 4-20mA (isolated) analog outputs and gas identification outputs
  • RS-232 duplex digital output
  • Two fully-configurable concentration alarms and one system alarm, all with Form-C relay contacts
  • Built-in diagnostic capability
  • Auto-calibration and remote-calibration ready (integral valves available)

Common Detectable Gases

  Carbon Dioxide - (measurement achieved with methanizer)
  Carbon Monoxide - (measurement achieved with methanizer)
  Ethyl Benzene
  Argon (purity and impurity levels)
  Carbon Dioxide
  Carbon Monoxide
  Hydrogen Sulfide
  Nitrogen (purity and impurity levels)


  • Ambient benzene, BTEX detection
  • Beverage-grade carbon dioxide: detection of ppb benzene, acetaldehyde, methanol and VCM in beverage-grade carbon dioxide to ISBT specification
  • Methane / non-methane hydrocarbon monitoring
  • Nitrogen or Argon purity
  • C1-C4 levels in natural gas or syngas production
  • LNG impurity detection
  • MTBE monitoring in gasoline
  • Hydrogen detection in a mixed fuel gas