Transcrub - Transparent scrubber for H2S

     Teledyne's Transcrub offers the ideal design for an acidic gas scrubber. With its transparent body allowing the user to see the scrubbing beads at work, there is no question about the effectiveness of this purity guardian.

     Over time the scrubbing media change color from a vivid purple to olive brown. This visual clue makes it easy to determine when to change the cartridge to ensure maximum effectiveness and protection from acid gas. Maintenance is an easy task with refillable cartridges that last over two years.

     The Transcrub can be ordered through Teledyne as Part Number C-74050D.

The Transcrub:

  • Removes acidic gases from inert gases, Hydrocarbon gases, etc.
  • Has a see-through body
  • Uses replaceable media through refillable cartridges
  • Works with a range of selectable media types based on the gasses needed to be scrubbed
  • Operates at ambient temperatures
  • Requires no heat or power
  • Has a low cost-of-ownership
  • Is available worldwide
  • Is user serviceable
  • Is produced in the highest quality ISO 9000 environment


  • 0.4 scfh typical
  • Life: 25 ppm H2S expected 2.3 years at 0.4 scfh
    0.4 scfh typical flowrate
    (scfh = standard cubic feet / hour)
  • Quarter tube connections
  • Different fitting options available

Applications include:

  • Natural gas oxygen readings
  • H2 analysis in Recycle Gas streams
  • Stack gas monitoring
  • Zero gas generators
  • Analytical instruments
  • High purity welding gas mixtures
  • Any gas monitoring that requires acid free gas