TCA-220 Total Chlorine Analyzer

     The TCA-220 provides continuous ppm total chlorine Analysis without the use of reagents or complex sample systems to control the pH of the sample for analysis. 

     Total chlorine, or the combined amount of free chlorine, chloramine, organic and bound chlorine, is detected using a three-electrode amperometric sensor. Chlorine species present in the sample will reduce at the electrode's cathode while the anode oxidizes, generating an electrical current proportional to chlorine levels in the sample. The third counter electrode provides a stable base potential that minimizes sensor drift. 

    As pH is a factor in whether how the chlorine species exist, the TCA-220 includes an integral pH sensor to correct for pH and provide a compensated reading from pH 4 to 12 without reagents. The analyzer also provides a reading unaffected by flow above 0.5 ft/sec to the analyzer by utilizing a "Constant Head" flow control device to maintain constant flow rate. 

    The LXT-220 controller is weatherproof NEMA-4X ½ DIN form factor with universal mounting bracket available for panel, wall, handrail or pipe mounting. The membrane keypad and backlit LCD display provides an easy-to-use interface with menu-driven functionality. 4-20mA output is provided as standard and configurable alarm contacts can be provided optionally. Information is digitally communicated between sensor and control units which ensures EMI/RFI robustness and enables separation distances up to 200 meters. 


  • Drinking water
  • Rinse water
  • Seawater intake
  • Cooling tower water
  • Wastewater treatment