LXT-220-NH4 Ammonium Analyzer

     The LXT-220-NH4 combines three independent electrodes with functionality of the proven LXT-220 to provide an accurate, compensated ammonium reading in wastewater treatment and environmental applications. 

     The direct ammonium is detected with an ammonium pION electrode. But as ammonium will disassociate into ammonia at higher pH levels, the LXT-220-NH4 probe includes a pH electrode to perform compensation. A potassium ion electrode is also included as it is a common interferent to the ammonium reading. All three rebuildable electrodes are housed in a single probe for ease of installation with signals being fed back to the electronics. The LXT-220-NH4 software performs the calculations to provide a true ammonium reading. 

     The LXT-220 controller is weatherproof NEMA-4X ½ DIN form factor with universal mounting bracket available for panel, wall, handrail or pipe mounting. The membrane keypad and backlit LCD display provides an easy-to-use interface with menu-driven functionality. 4-20mA output is provided as standard and configurable alarm contacts can be provided optionally. Information is digitally communicated between sensor and control units which ensures EMI/RFI robustness and enables separation distances up to 200 meters. 


  • Biological treatment: aeration basin
  • Effluent treatment
  • Denitrification
  • Aquaculture - environmental monitoring