6650 SP

The Model 6650SP

     The Model 6650SP is the next generation in an enhancement of the field-proven Series 6650 Oil -Water Analyzer. The 6650SP incorporates the most advanced, state-of-the-art optics which we’ve successfully incorporated into a well-designed 4”x4”x4” Photometric Transmitter (PX2) package.

     The PX2 configuration has allowed TAI to significantly reduce our overall product footprint. We can now conveniently mount the PX2 into our common analyzer platforms that provide our clients with either NEMA4/IP65 protection, for use in general purpose environments, or NEMA4 & NEMA7 type protection for use in hazardous areas. The small footprint makes the6650SP ideal for tightly confined installations - conditions which are typically found on offshore oil rigs or FPSO’s.

     The PX2 was designed for easy serviceability. After removal of the cover plate, both the Xenon Flash Lamp and Photo-Multiplier Tube (PMT) are easily accessible & removable (socket pin-mount), should they ever need to be replaced to restore product performance. In addition, you can also easily replace the optical filter should you choose to apply to the analyzer against a different type of oil in the future. The optical filter serves to allow only the preselected excitation energy to reach the oil under analysis. All other wavelengths are blocked.

TAI’s Photometric Transmitter (PX2)

Features and Benefits

  • No moving parts
  • Long-life Xenon UV Flash Lamp
  • Easy to operate, calibrate and maintain
  • Self-diagnostics to identify the potential problem source
  • Single platform design suitable for multiple application requirements


  • Steam Condensate
  • Boiler Feed-water(BFW)
  • Refinery Run-off
  • Cooling Tower Water
  • Offshore Rig - Produced Water Discharge
  • Offshore Rig - Rigwash Runoff Discharge
  • FPSO Produced Water
  • Ballast Water Discharge
  • Marine Terminal Storage / Oil – Water
  • Separation