6700 TOC Series

Series 6700 Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

  • UV / Heated Persulfate Method
  • Ozone / Hydroxyl Radical Method
  • Combustion Method
  • Ultrapure Method

     The Series 6700 covers a complete range of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers capable of addressing a variety of industrial applications for process and environmental compliance purposes. Depending on the application, TAI can recommend which technique is best suited to continuously detect TOC within your process.

     The robust and reliable Infrared CO2 analyzer is the heart of each design. It provides specific, interference-free CO2 detection, has no moving parts, and is extremely easy to access and service, as required. Each configuration is available with an optional Microsoft Windows ™ based computer with touch screen control.

TOC Methods

      UV / Heated Persulfate Method
Excellent TOC accuracy from low parts-per-million to moderate concentrations of salt-free samples. Minimum maintenance. Preferred method for most applications.

     Ozone/Hydroxyl Radical Method
Excellent for low to high levels of TOC analysis for difficult to oxidize samples or in undiluted acids or industrial salts over 26%. Low maintenance. Preferred substitute for High Temperature Combustion in most applications.

     Combustion Method
Good for difficult to oxidize or high TOC concentration samples with industrial salts less than 1%. Preferred for some higher range samples which have limited oxidation efficiency by other methods.

     Ultrapure Method
Unsurpassed NDIR detection for interference-free accuracy in the parts per billion range. Requires no pumps for minimum maintenance. Lowest MDL. Preferred for applications less than 1000 ppb TOC.


  • Complies with EPA, ASTM, and other standard approved methods for continuous TOC analysis
  • NPOC (Non-purgeable organic carbon) analysis
  • TOC-True Analysis (including volatile organics)
  • Rapid response
  • Onboard Microsoft Windows CE computer plus paperless chart recorder OR Menu driven LCD display
  • Separate electronics and liquid compartments
  • Low maintenance and easy access for service


A Series 6700 TOC Analyzer is comprised of 5 subsystems:

  1. Sample handling
  2. Inorganic Carbon removal OR Inorganic Carbon analysis TOCTrue method
  3. Oxidation
  4. NDIR CO2 gas detection
  5. Electronic signal processing, display, and control


  • Standard Method 5310 C/D
  • EPA 415.1
  • EPA 9060
  • ASTM D 4839-88
  • ASTM D 4779-88
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Cooling water
  • Wastewater
  • River water
  • Process control