AE-182A Ultra-high Speed and High Accuracy DC resistance checker

Optimal for sorting machine and taping of D,F,G,J,K class resistance, inductor and RDC measurement of thermistor

New function

  • New reliability improving method: contact-check function during measurement
  • Help to improve yield by the retry function during measurement
  • To achieve an about 2~2.7 times speedup while keeping the accuracy and substantially accelerating measurement speed for both low and high resistance area
  • Possible to manage measurement data by attached application(for Windows)(Data can be saved in CSV)
  • LAN interface as an option
  • Bar code(QR code)interface as option


  • Corresponding to very small chip resistor(low power measurement)
  • Super high speed(As representative value, from START to EOC is only 0.9msec according to actual measurement)
  • Realize high accuracy and stable measurement by canceling thermo electromotive force
  • Realize ultra-high speed・high-stable measurement by the function of setting integral time for each range
  • %measurement:-99.99%〜+25.00%【STANDARD setting range:5mΩ~109MΩ】
  • Absolute value setting:0.00mΩ~125.00MΩ
  • Contact check:available to select before measurement/after measurement/OFF(Always monitor the contact statement during measurement in each statement)
  • Equipped with contact-cleaning as standard function
  • Equipped with RS-232C interface as standard function (GP-IB/LAN/bar code is an option)
  • Equipped with printout as standard function(Centronics conformity)
  • Transfer function for setting data is equipped as standard (Available to automatically set and transfer the same setting data to another AE-182A,AE-162E)
  • Equipped with check abnormalities function for measurement current/measurement voltage /ADC data as standard