AE-163D Ultra-High Accuracy and High Speed,Key Switch Type Digital Resistance Checker

Optimum for the on a sorting machine, taping machine and painting conveyor for chip.

MELF and lead type resistor of B,C,D,F,G,J,K and M class.

  • Ultra-high accuracy and ultra-high stability by the measuring method rejected thermoelectromotiv force.
  • High stability by the improvement of noise immunity for the isolated circuit between analog part and digital part.
  • Available to make the high speed and ultra-high stable measurement by the setting function of average time on measuring value for each range.
  • Range of measurement for absolute value : 0.00mΩ~125.00MΩ for % : 5mΩ~109MΩ【±10.000%/-99.99%~+25.00%】
  • Available to select the function for contact check before or after the measurement, or function of non-contact check.
  • RS-232C and Centronics interface are built-in as standard equipment.【GP-IB is option】
  • Transfer function of setting data is built-in as standard equipment.
        (Available to transfer the same setting data to another set of AE-163D)
  • The checking circuit of the abnormal measuring current and voltage is built-in.