AE-1152F 5A Ultra Low Ohm METER

1mΩrange measurement current5A
Optimal for measurement of ultra-low resistant such as shunt resistor

  • 1mΩrange measurement current 5A、possible to measure 1mΩ resistor or less with higher precision and improve the accuracy by 0.30% compared with AE-1152D.
  • %measurement:STANDARD setting range 0.01mΩ~1kΩ
            :measurement range ±50.00%【minimum resolution 1nΩ】
  • Absolute value measurement:0.0000mΩ~1.5000kΩ
  • Possible to cancel the influence of thermal electromotive force.
  • Measurement current is applied in pulse to help reduce heating of a target object and wear of measurement terminal.
  • Equipped with contact check function as standard.
  • Possible to add various option(only one of those can be chosen).
    GP-IB / RS-232C / LAN / Centronics interface /
    Bar code/ two-dimensional code reader +RS—232C interface
    And data collection application for RS-232C is also attached.
  • Result of comparator can be outputted in open collector output.LED display and buzzer sound are also possible.
  • Measurement current / measurement voltage check circuit is equipped as standard.
  • Available for shift output.