AE-1152D_11C DC Low Ohm METER

Optimum for the automatic measurement of super low-resistance resistor.
Select the result of judgment by maximum 11 classifications with BIN function.

  • Optimum for super low-resistance resistor etc. of shunt resistor.
  • Canceling the influence of thermal electromotive force.
  • Impressed the pulse measurement current to reduce self-heating and the abrasion of measurement terminal.
  • Contact-check is equipped as standard function.
  • The measurement of the absolute value :0.0000mΩ~1.5000kΩ
  • %measurement :0.1mΩ~1kΩ/±50.00%【The minimum resolution 10nΩ】
  • GP-IB/RS-232C/Centronics interface.【optional】
  • BIN function[BIN1~BIN9]【Available for maximum 11 classifications】Available for open-collector output, LED display and buzzer.
  • Equipped with check circuit as standard function to find out whether the measurement current/measurement voltage is abnormal.
  • Available for shift output.