AE-9303B(20CH) Ultra-High-Speed Network Resistance Checker

Optimum for on a sorting machine and taping machine for network resistor and chip array resistor.

  • Ultra-High Speed:about 1msec per point【including Contact Check】
  • Contact Check:Contact error is not output in case of <100Ω and available to normally measure.
  • Measuring range:0.01Ω~10MΩ
  • 4Terminal Measurement【0~less than 99.9kΩ】
    2Terminal Measurement【More than 100kΩ】
  • Available to make Short Check.
  • GO/NG by Built-in Digital Comparator.
  • Available to make Tracking check.
  • Measuring of different value network resistance and different deviation value are possible.
  • RS-232C/GP-IB interface.【Option】