AE-361A High-Cost Performance, 1kHz/120Hz MLCC Capacitor Checker

A most suitable model for inspection on taping machine of MLCC Capacitor

  • Ultra high speed(Measurement time):1msec.[1kHz]、8.34msec[120Hz]
  • It is poor contact detection of the probe at the time of 2 terminal measurement by measurement abnormality detection.
  • Available to make the contact check to watch the contact condition of probe contact.
  • Measurement frequency:1kHz/120Hz±0.1%(a sine wave)
  • Change possibility of series equivalent circuit/parallel equivalent circuit.
  • Available to measure by constant voltage for the capacitor with the voltage dependence.(It is not supported some range)
  • 41/2(figures(15000)display and available to classified to 14 ranks maximum and out of BIN the C measurement values.
  • “RS-232C” and “printer output” function(Centronics conformity)are as normal.(“GP-IB” is option)
  • Supplies a measurement electric current by intermittent in order to reduce the abrasion of the probe contact.