Thermistor checker

AE-1136D Digital Thermistor Checker

7 Rank sorting By Comparison With External Standard.


  • Available to make % measurement against standard value at room temperature regardless of temperature characteristic in comparison with external standard-thermistor.
  • Possible to reduce error of the measured value for Self-heating on the measuring object by pulse impress of low measuring power【Within 150μW】
  • Measurement not influenced by thermal electro motive force.
  • Impressed the measuring current at pulse interval, in order to reduce abrasion. of measuring terminal.
  • Available to measure the resistance value of external standard or to measure the resistance value of the measuring object.
  • Available to calibrate the difference【±9.999%】 on resistance value of external standard and to correctly measure the measuring object.
  • Contact-check is equipped as standard function.
  • Measuring range :1Ω~5MΩ/±50.00%
  • RS-232C,GP-IB and Centronics output available.【option】
  • Comparison result by built-in comparator is open-collector output and displayed as LO,GO,HI by LED and buzzer.
  • Measuring current/voltage-check are built-in as standard function.