Auto-Vacuum Gas Replacing Electric Furnace VF-5000

Manufactures by SK Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Utilize for firing test in any scientific fields!
Suitable for heating under vacuum/inert gas atmosphere!



● Furnace with excellent heat efficiency
● Auto-vacuum/Gas replacing function
● Adopts large color touch panel
● Datalog function equipped in standard
● Safety design
● Hearth Up/Down function
● Replacing/Flow gas exchange signal Relay contact point, 4 points
● Connecting external vacuum gauge



Model name


Power source

Single phase, AC230V±10%, 50/60Hz

Consumption power


Controlling thermocouple

JIS R thermocouple


Kanthal, AF/1540W

Max. temperature

1100℃(Usually at 1000℃)

Temp. control accuracy

Less than ±2℃

Effective furnace inside dimensions

φ130 x H120mm (furnace inside, φ140 x H134mm)

Attainable vacuum

50Pa or less

Vacuum measuring accuracy

Max. ±3% vs. FS

Handling object to be heated

Furnace hearth up/down method

Cooling for furnace

Air cooling fan(Working fan is automatically ON/OFF at furnace inside temperature)


20 steps x 100 programs

Exchanging introduction gas

Timing signal contact point output (max. 4 points)

Data log function

USB memory: Data log/Program backup

External dimensions/Weight

W340 x D390 x H740mm/ca. 42kg

Safety functions


Abnormal temperature, thermocouple disconnection, heater over-current/disconnection, abnormal vacuum, motion up/down abnormality, circuit protector



Vacuum pump set (oil rotation 40/48L/min)
Pirani vacuum gauge (measuring range: 5 x 10-2Pa to atmospheric pressure)



※Only inert gases (nitrogen, argon) are applied as replacing and flow gas. Unable to use oxidation/reduction gas, dangerous explosive/corrosive gas, and conductive gas.
※Need to countermeasure of diffusion protection for powder sample heating. (ex. Power should be put on the crucible with the cover.)