The Teledyne Falcon UltraFast Gas Chromatograph is

Faster, Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Greener

Column Module and Detector Module

  • Gas or liquid samples
  • Fixed gases & hydrocarbons up to C50
  • Petroleum products & biodiesel formulations up to C50
  • FID, TCD, FPD or DBD (configured as helium ionization or electron capture)
  • Single column module lengths up to 16 meters
  • Dual column module units with 32 meters total length
  • Dual detector configurations
  • Dual column heart cut configurations


Process Enclosure

The Falcon Series process enclosure is also modular and compact. The all-weather Falcon Series enclosure can even be tucked away “in the pipes” 

when needed. For most environments, the Falcon Series enclosure can be installed outdoors with only rain and sun protection, 

or in very economical 3-sided shelters. The enclosure module also includes an optional built in efficient air conditioning system and has 

configurations for NEC, ATEX or IECEx hazardous area locations available with purge.



  • Servo motor drive
  • Simultaneous X-Y movement - not sequential
  • Faster, quieter - more reliable movement
  • Fast injections - software programmed control
  • Simple operation methods linked to the Falcon Series GC Ultra-reliable and durable
  • Direct syringe and heated headspace injections Headspace analysis
  • Variable injection rates
  • Variable syringe fill rates
  • Multiple tray options


Mobile System

  • Upstream E&P evaluations
  • Environmental emissions monitoring
  • Roadside fuel marker detection
  • Transportable product authentication
  • Pipeline product interface detection
  • Forensic analysis
  • Fence-line monitoring