Teledyne Falcon UltraFast Gas Chromatograph is Faster,

Smaller, Smarter, Easier and Greener






​​​Flame Ionization (FID), Thermal Conductivity (TCD), Flame Photometric (FPD), Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) 

(configured as helium ionization or electron capture)



Process online via sample valve for gas or liquid*
Manual syringe injection for gas or liquid
Autosampler injections for liquid or heated headspace
Aspiration to inlet via sample pump
*Sample handling available

​Detector / Column

​​101:    Single column (2-16 meters), single detector
201:    Dual column (4-32 meters), dual detector in series
301:    Dual column (2-16 meters), dual detector in parallel
CS:      Dual column (2-16 meters), dual detector with column switching valve
GS:      Single column (2-16 meters) with large sample loop, single detector w/sample  pump
GS-T:   Single column (2-16 meters) with preconcentration trap, single detector w/sample pump


​​​< ± 1% Relative Standard Deviation (RSD)


​Operating:   32° to 95°F (0° to 35°C)​
Storage:     -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)


​​​Carrier Gas (application-dependent)
UHP hydrogen and zero air (99.999% pure) (for FID and FPD only)​


​​​100-240 VAC ​50/60 Hz with external converter
24 VDC power, 300 Watts max

Data Management

​​Front-panel touchscreen for GC initialization and manual sampling functions
RS-232 and all other functions via TCP/IP Ethernet to external PC with Chromperfect® Seven software (Windows® 10 or higher OS required)**

**Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation


​Analog Outputs:     4-20 mADC (isolated), 0-1 VDC, 0-5 VDC
Digital Outputs:      Relay contacts​
Others available upon request
***Via external PC modules


​​17"W x 11"H x 8.5"W (43 x 22 x 28 cm)
Approximately 25 lbs (11 kg)