Ultrafast Performance and benchspace efficiency.


Teledyne-Falcon CALIDUS GC'sUltrafast speed boosts throughput and maximizes lab efficiency.


  • Boiling Range Distribution ofGasoline and Gasoline Fractions D3710
  • BTEX in Ambient Air
  • Catalyst Reaction Monitoring (Chemical)
  • Catalyst Reaction Monitoring (Hydrocarbon Processing)
  • Coolant Leak Detection
  • Ethanol in Wine and DistilledSpirits
  • Extended Natural Gas
  • Fermenter Off Gas
  • Food Grade Fatty Acids
  • Fusel Oil in Wine and DistilledSpirits
  • HC Analysis of Upstream CondensateSamples
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gases
  • Marker Analysis in Fuel
  • Methyl Acetylene and Propadiene inEthylene Process
  • Nitrogen in Ambient Air
  • Propylene Oligomers
  • Rapid Analysis of MarijuanaComposition
  • Reactor Monitoring
  • Refinery Gas Analysis
  • SF6 Tracer
  • SIMDIS Analysis for Diesel in LubeOil
  • SIMDIS Analysis for GasolineBlending
  • SIMDIS Analysis for Liquid Fuelsand Fuel Component Characterization
  • Simulated Distillation D7798
  • Sulfur Components in Liquid PhaseHC Samples
  • Sulfur Compounds in Ambient Air
  • Sulfur Compounds in C1 - C6+ in Refinery Gas
  • Sulfur in Coker Gas
  • Sulfur Compounds in Proplyene
  • Total Non-Methane HCs and SulfurCompounds in Ambient Air
  • Total Non-Methane Hydrocarbons inAmbient Air
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons


Teledyne-Falcon Analytical...

      the pioneering professionals who created the ultrafast, ultra-user-friendly, 

highly durable, practical, reliable and economicalTeledyne-Falcon GC 

are now offering their own advanced LSI autosampler... 

the PALARUSTM GC Autosampler.



     The Falcon Series GC Autosamplers offer many outstanding features.

  • Servo motor drive
  • Simultaneous X-Y movement - not sequential
  • Faster, quieter - more reliable movement
  • Fast injections - software programmed control
  • Simple operation methods linked to the Falcon Series GC
  • Ultra-reliable and durable
  • Direct syringe and heated headspace injections
  • Headspace analysis
  • Variable injection rates
  • Variable syringe fill rates
  • Multiple tray options