On line process GC


       Process Enclosure


        The Falcon Series process enclosure is also modular and compact. The all-weather Falcon Series enclosure can even be tucked away

    “in the pipes” when needed. For most environments, the Falcon Series enclosure can be installed outdoors with only rain and sun protection, 

     or in very economical 3-sided shelters. The enclosure module also includes an optional built in efficient air-conditioning 

     system and has configurations for NEC, ATEX or IECEx hazardous area locations available with purge.



                       Teledyne-Falcon CALIDUS GC is aqualified for wide range of process applications.

                                  Three-samplestreams in three-sided shelter is shown above.



                  Teledyne-Falcon GC process Analyzer

                        - I/OCapability.

                        - Allsystem driver via Ethernet&Standard I/O



         Compact size of the CALIDUS GC enable a wide range of ds.eployment strategies

    A CALIDUS GC and enclosure locatedin a chemical process tower 30 feet above 

    ground is shown left side.